Replace Your Broken Glass Scales with DSG/DMG

Replace Your Broken Glass Scales with DSG/DMG

Many shops will be will more willing to replace a single defective scale on an existing DRO vs. replacing the entire system, if that will get them up and running. Newall's DSG and DMG ...

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Multi-Wing America Solve Contamination Problem with Newall
Multi-Wing America Solve Contamination Problem with Newall
Multi-Wing America Solve Contamination Problem with Newall

Multi-Wing America is the world’s leading manufacturer of axial impellers. Located 30 miles east of Cleveland in in Middlefield, Ohio, they build almost 500,000 fans per year for a diverse application base ranging from engine cooling to HVAC and commercial refrigeration. Machining, assembly, trimming and balancing processes are performed to tight tolerances under controlled conditions, and their state-of-the-art R&D facility enables them to produce impeller designs that deliver the performance and reliability demanded of today’s applications.

Multi-Wing’s high-efficiency fan blades are molded in engineered thermo plastics or die cast in aluminum, and every single fan is custom designed for the customer’s specific application requirements.  As part of their manufacturing process, Multi-Wing achieves the exact fan diameter by trimming the blades using a vertical band saw in conjunction with a Newall DRO which precisely measures the proper length required for the application. Lengths vary from 6” to 108” and the band saw is equipped with a Newall DP700 and a Spherosyn scale assembly, linked to an air brake slide assembly to lock in the required length and cut the blades to within .0005” of the entered measurement.

When Multi-Wing implemented this process almost 20 years ago, they originally settled on the use of glass scales.  Initially, they experienced problems with scale contamination, due to fiberglass/aluminum dust, which ultimately led to scale damage.  Once they discovered Newall, they quickly determined that this was the ideal solution to eliminate their contamination issues, scale damage and meet their accuracy requirements.

“Cutting each blade to the proper length is vital to our production process, and being able to repeat the process for each blade with the same level of accuracy is just as crucial,“ said Multi-Wing Vice President of Production, Bill Crowley.  “That’s why we check blade length accuracy using a PLC inspection station in conjunction with a single Newall DRO/Spherosyn scale assembly.” Crowley noted that he also likes the ease of scale installation and unbeatable product warranty that Newall provides. ““There is no doubt, that as more of these sawing systems are required or updated, Newall systems will be Multi-Wing America’s DRO of choice.”

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